Frequently Asked Questions

Many leading Medical device manufacturers have selected IBA’s sterilization solutions. Some of the most common questions are summarised here:

Why is Electricity as Source Energy better? 

Relying on electricity as source energy for your solution is investing in a future proof solution. Electricity will always be available and the price will stay under control because of the competition on the market.

Is X-ray Sterilization more economical than Gamma Sterilization?

For medium to large sterilization facilities, E-beam and X-ray offer unbeatable sterilization costs per unit thanks to the speed and flexibility of E-beam and X-ray higher penetration when compared to other sterilization technologies.

Why is X-ray sterilization a strategic choice versus Gamma ?

The supply of Electricity is becoming more and more reliable worldwide compared to other energy sources such as Cobalt which is becoming more and more difficult to obtain due to strict transport regulations and a very limited number of actors on the market.

What is the ecological impact versus other sterilization technologies?

In comparison to other Sterilization technologies, Electron beam sterilization does not use toxic chemicals nor radio-active materials and thus does not require post treatment quarantines and gas permeable packaging is not needed. It is widely hailed as an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to EtO and gamma sterilization methods. 

In the US, more than 50% of renewable energy goes to producing electricity making electricity the clean energy of the future. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects renewable energy’s share of total worldwide electricity generation will increase from 19% of generation in 2006 to 21% in 2030, and will be the second largest source of energy for electricity production after coal.

All this leads to think that X-ray and E-beam technologies will be widely accepted and adopted in the future versus other technologies having higher environemental impact.

Can E-beam and X-ray Sterilization treat many products with the same sterilization solution?

Thanks to IBA’s Sterilization “single row” configurations, treating an additional new product becomes easy. Gamma Sterilization is often implemented with several rows of product in front of the gamma source which means that changes in products in the front line has an impact on the products on the second and third row.

What about workers’ Safety?

When the equipment is turned off, workers can safely walk near the critical areas of the equipment (for maintenance for example).

I'm not an E-beam nor an X-ray expert. Who can help me? 

IBA’s team of experts will help you and guide you through the critical sterilization choices you will have to make. Understanding your particular situation and adapting our solution is our expertise. Read more about IBA’s Customer Services.

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